Friday, October 1, 2010

Bandwith Exceeded... AGAIN!!!

So most of you have noticed the photobucket problem. This happened to me last year, and I had it on automatic renewal so this wouldn't happen again. But obviously it's happening, I already have tried renewing it manually but it's not letting me, I had to email photobucket and haven't received am answer yet. I am freaking out as well because I depend on the account too.

This is the email I have received everytime I try to manually set it up again.
Thank you for your payment attempt. We appreciate your business!

Our records indicate that your Photobucket account has an automatic renewal subscription already in place which will need to be stopped before another payment can be applied.

Please contact us at pro@photobucket.com with your Photobucket username so that we may further investigate this issue and help you decide how you would like to proceed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

As you can see I have the renewal set up so I am not sure whats going on, please be patient with me until this is resolved.

Thank you and again , I am very sorry


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