Monday, October 5, 2009

Im Back!!!

Its been a long 3 weeks!!! I bought a brand new Hp Desktop Pavilion and while settting it up, the monitor was not working!! I was so upset after 4 days later and calls back and forth to Hp Support they finally agreed to send me a new monitor.

Only it wasn't a new monitor, it was a refurbished one, which at first I was ok with, but now its acting funny. It turns off and on when it wants to, theres a message that says "Power Button lockout" so i can't even turn it off myself. I have googled it and it says to hold for 30secs-1min and nothing!!! So again I am back and forth with Hp Support. It is very frustrating!! And now finally I got my internet back. I had to switch from Time Warner to AT&T because there was too much downtime, and because this time it required a phone line I had to wait 1 week for the guy to fix the wiring on my phone line!

So after 3 weeks of being at home doing nothing, I am back and ready to work!



  1. Hi Czianya I was wondering if you could send me those images for back up purposes on my site. Also do you have a button of some sort that I can link to this site. I would like to show appreciation to the wonderful work you did on my blog with a link back on the sidebar. Thanks

  2. Hi Czianya, I just wanted to let you know I have an award at my blog for you.



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