Monday, September 14, 2009


I will not have access to a computer for 2 to 3 weeks, those of you that have contacted me regarding blog design, button making or something else, I believe I have spoken to you, if not please send me an email cznycstr713@gmail.com. I will be checking email and can troubleshoot but can't design anything. So please, please bear with me, and when I come back, remember that live giveaway? I might do it then so follow my other blog as well CznyDesigns: Parenting, Designing & InBetween!
I'll be back soon don't fret :)!


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  1. I have a major problem-I went to my blog this morning and every image that you put on it is now a photobucket graphic that says to upgrade because you've exceeded your storage limit! My blog is basically not functioning and my big Baby Shower Bash kicks off tomorrow!!!! I need this fixed ASAP-I'm already behind on things because my internet was down yesterday and I really don't have time for this to be happening. Please PLease PLease help me and fix this ASAP-Thanks

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