Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Im back!!!!

Ok So I've been under "construction" since December 08! HAHA ok and now I am back, long story short, laptop charger broke. Bought new one. Had a baby (awwww). Motherboard broke. Got it fix. Hard drive erased. Lost photoshop (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO). Got photoshop. All is good with the world! So there you go. And now I am back and have been working hard. In the past 2 weeks I prettied up 2 new blogs!

This is Ryann's from A Working Blogging Mommy, I really liked how it turned out, and I am not just saying that because I made it lol.
A Working Blogging Mommy
Custom Design

and this is Paige's from The Nurse Mommy, I love the Bright Funky color scheme she chose, and isn't her Boy the cutest!
The Nurse Mommy
Custom Design

Also Both will be hosting a Free Blog Makeover from Moi, so follow them or subscribe!


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  1. woot! Love our 2 new pretty blogs! You are one talented lay!


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