Thursday, October 16, 2008


For any of my services, if you'd like to use a kit from a Digital Scrapbooking Designer(they must allow graphic design) link me to the kit and send the cost of the kit to my paypal or give me a color pallette and a description of what you would like to see on your blog. Great website for color pallettes http://kuler.adobe.com/

Full Blog Design*:

♥Basic- One sidebar, header, sidebar label images(up to 5**), background. ($15 - $25)
♥Complex- 2 sidebars, header w/ navbar, sidebar label images(up to 5**), background, post footer, custom signature, and matching site button, plus, free troubleshooting for a year. ($28 - $60)

A La Carte* (minimum purchase of 2 items or $10):

♥Header ($7)
♥Header w/ Navbar ($10)
♥Sidebar labels ($2 per image)
♥Custom signature, post footer ($5 each)
♥Matching site button ($5)
♥Troubleshooting ($10 for 6months, $18 for a year)
♥Favicon ($3)
♥Twitter Background ($7)
♥Other i.e. updating layout (up for discussion)

*Subject to change
**Included sidebar labels up to 5, anymore $2 each
***These are estimated costs, please contact me to find out more information. I can work with your blog "budget"***

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